Asg & Paintball Patches

ASG and paintball patches from our company are great ways to show off your team pride! We offer standard-size embroidered patches that are high quality and competitively priced. Wear them on your sleeve, hat or anywhere else you want to show off your competitive, fun-loving spirit! We offer Velcro hook and loop backings so you can easily attach them to your garment of choice.

ASG Patches

Get ASG patches as a great way to pay tribute to your favorite sports games and the teams or players you support! Many of our All Star Game patches are boldly colored with attractive designs that catch the eye. They are consistently sewn with quality thread to extend their lifespan, for you to enjoy them for a long time. The logos on our ASG patches are replicas of ones actually worn by players during games, so you feel like you’re getting in on the action too! Be a part of the sport that you love to support and let your favorite teams know it as you wear your patches.

Alternatively, you can frame the ASG patches along with photos or autographs of your favorite players and put them up in your home along with your other sports memorabilia. Add easily to your sporting collection this way! Your guests will be envious. The framed patches also make great gifts for the sports enthusiast in your life.

Paintball Patches

These paintball patches are perfect for attaching to your gear to show your loyalty! They show you’re serious about the game and are a competitor to reckon with! The embroidered patches fit on your vest or other part of your uniform easily. Get custom patches for your entire team to show you are a cohesive unit that is out for victory. Intimidating your enemy can go a long way in the paintball world! Send us your custom design on the order page and we’ll get it made for you; it’s that easy! Our eye-catching airsoft patches use multiple thread colors and are detailed in design.

Get a team name put onto each of your uniforms, like a crest that binds you all together, giving you the strength you need to win the next match up. They vary in shape and include designs such as skulls and gun displays. In addition, team airsoft patches are a great way to be able to distinguish who your fellow teammates are. While you can recognize them easily without the gear, the game moves quickly and it’s all about quickly spotting the enemy. These patches get the job done!

Get quality ASG and paintball patches easily, all in one place! We deliver quickly and, unlike many of our competitors, we have no minimum order requirement. Our airsoft patches are unique and show your allegiance effectively, while the ASG patches display your sports-loving attitude! Order your patches from our company to ensure you get top quality and that you stand out from the crowd. Get your next patches in time for the next paintball game or sports event by ordering them today!

Samples of our Embroidered ASG and Paintball Patches

TK FSE Patch

Looking at this quality TK FSE patch reveals right away how much attention to detail the designer has and the impressive quality of the materials used to make it. It is embroidered with military colors, showing how serious you are about your team and the paintball experience. Sew it to your vest, cape, shirt, bag or other place you want to show off your custom embroidered patch. It is made to last with premium thread and sewn strong to see you through to the winning round of paintball!

Ha Paintball Team Patch

This is a custom-made patch for a paintball squad called HA Team. It illustrates the custom work we do, with impressive details and high-quality materials. We can do multi-color patches in a range of styles and shapes. Simply provide us with your custom design for your team on the order page and the number of patches you want. Team patches are a great way to show cohesiveness, intimidating the other team and showing your own strength!

Anglian Airsoft Club Patch

Wear your official Anglian Airsoft club patch proudly on your vest, helmet or other part of your paintball gear. Get identical embroidered patches for the whole team to show your solidarity and intimidate the enemy at the next skirmish! They are easy to sew and impeccable in design. The superior patch is designed to last through the rough-and-tumble game as long as you can; are you up for the challenge?

Airsoft Patch

Get ready to fight with the best of them and stay strong with these impressive airsoft military embroidered patches. They are crafted with military coloring and shape, paying homage to the war-like experience you have on the paintball battlegrounds. It’s every man for himself out there and you’ve earned your stripes; show them off with these quality embroidered patches! Sew the patch only your sleeve and get identical ones for your teammates to show solidarity and encourage you even more than usual for your next game!

4th Force Recon Paintball Patch

The Marine Force Recon embroidered patch boosts your game-play mentality as you head out to the paintball battlegrounds. Suit up your team with identical patches to create a cohesive unit and easily identify yourself to each other during the fast-paced action. Intimidate the other team too as they look at your authentic-looking Marine Force Recon design that stands for power, strength and endurance. Show allegiance with a durable patch made of the finest thread, which you can easily attach to your sleeve, helmet, pants or other garment of choice.

clst 500+ Paintball Team

This custom embroidered patch is an example of the quality workmanship you get with every order. Our designer created this CLST 500+ paintball team patch to the team’s delight. It features army colors that pay tribute to fighters just like you are as you gear up for airsoft victory! This badge, just like the ones you order for your own team, is sewn strong for durability, uses premium thread, and is designed as you request. Simply send us an original design and we will craft impressive badges for your team!