Motorcycle Patches for Bikers

For incredible motorcycle patches for bikers, look no further! We offer the best embroidery and artwork available. Choose from our great selection available online, or we can create a custom design for you! We value all of our biker customers and therefore are proud to offer this category of embroidered patches.

Our embroidered biker patches are perfect for your leather vest or jacket. Sew or iron them onto the front of your vest or sleeves of your jacket. They look great on the back of riding jackets. Not only do the patches add great color and visual interest to your outfit, they also denote the motorcycle or riding club you belong to. The biker patches are an excellent way to show the club membership you have worked so hard to earn and creates a feeling of belonging between riders. Show off your badges with pride!

Custom Motorcycle Patches

When you want a custom biker patch made, just let us know! Get a design that reflects your local club as we offer custom designs made by professionals. Simply provide us a sketch or illustration of the patch you want us to recreate, and we are happy to do so. We have extensive experience with creating images that include hogs, skulls, eagles, words and numbers. From serious to funny in design, we can craft the patch you want to wear.

Providing excellent customer service is important to us as we recognize we wouldn’t have a business without you! Our goal is to go beyond your expectations in every step of the process, from ordering to delivering a quality end product to you. If we have any questions about the design you order, we will quickly contact you so that we can deliver what you want within a reasonable timeframe.

Are you a lone wolf? In other words, do you ride alone? Browse through our selection of sample patches to see which ones catch your eye. The come in a range of shapes and colors. Each patch is sewn with premium thread and excellent stitching technique so that the patches are durable and long-lasting. The last thing you want to worry about out on the road is whether your patch will ride the distance with you! Get the dependability you are looking for with our premium products that are competitive in price.

Biker patches in a range of colors

We offer biker patches in a range of colors, as well. Choose the colors that represent your riding group, showing your local area exactly what is your biker identity. Get the exact design and colors you want when you order from us, without having to settle for anything less than the best. Wearing your embroidered badges on your jacket or vest helps increase your enjoyment of the biking sport and reminds you how great it is to ride motorcycles!

For standard patches, we are your go-to provider. Our customers tell us time and again how satisfied they are with the quality items we produce for them. With affordable prices, efficient delivery and custom patches projects welcome, we are proud to craft the exact biker patch you want to wear!

Whether you are a lone rider or belong to a moto club or are part of a riding club, we are happy to provide what you are looking for in the way of patches. Our talented designers blow away the competition! As well, we do not have a minimum order, so you can order as few or as many as you want. Contact us to order your motorcycle patches and show your love for the awesome sport!

What biker patches we have just made? Look at this samples:

Three Amigos

This is a custom embroidered patch for the Three Amigos. It shows the premium quality of our motorcycle patch, which are sewn meticulously by our skilled designers with the best thread available. The patch also shows the range of vibrant colors of thread we can use for your project and the excellent detail we provide for the patches you order. We welcome custom design work. Simply provide us with an illustration of the biker patch you want us to create and specific design requests; we will let you know if we have further questions so that we provide you the best patch possible. Get a quality embroidered patch like the amazing Three Amigos sample shown here. Wear the patch confidently on your motorcycle vest or jacket as you head out to enjoy your next ride out on the open road.

Sons of Sparta

Get an amazing motorcycle patch that catches the eye, just like this Sons of Sparta patch. The detail is superb on this biker patch, thanks to our designers that take exceptional care with every product they create. Notice the vivid red on the patch and how striking it is against the detailed skull design. The Sons of Sparta patch is an example of a custom biker patch that we can create for you. We use premium thread and excellent stitching techniques to ensure every patch is durable and long lasting. Bike patches such as the one shown here look impressive on a leather vest or a riding jacket. We are happy to craft custom embroidered patches for you, such as to show membership in a local riding club or motorcycle club. Our high-quality patches come in a range of shapes and colors. Submit an illustration to us of a patch you want us to create to start the custom order process.

RWB Hawgs

This embroidered motorcycle patch was done for the Texas-based RWB Hawgs club. The Red White Blue (RWB) Hawgs is a top-quality embroidered biker patch that exemplifies the type of custom work we excel at here. Notice the range of colors and vividness of the shades. As well, the design shows immaculate detail. Our skilled designers take painstaking care to craft the best patches possible. The patch, made of quality thread, can feature a hog, eagle, skull or another type of image on it, in addition to words or numbers. We craft patches in a range of shapes and are happy to accommodate your custom project requests within a reasonable amount of time. Get the best attention to detail for your custom embroidered biker patches! Order today, with no miminum required, to get excellent quality patches for your vest or jacket as you head out on the open road.

Wild Hogs

The Wild Hogs embroidered patch is an excellent example of a biker patch made to impress! It pays tribute to the Wild Hogs movie. Get a striking, detail-oriented motorcycle patch like this one to put on your vest or jacket. Sew it or iron it on to show your membership in a club or to symbolize something else important to you. Each embroidered patch, just like the Wild Hogs one, is made of premium thread and made to be durable, even when you are traveling at fast speeds on the bike. The colors are vivid, and you can choose as many shades as you want for your custom project. There are no minimums for orders, and our prices are affordable. We follow your directions and the illustration you provide us to give you the custom embroidered biker patches you want, within a reasonable timeframe.

Maltese Islands

The Maltese Islands Harley-Davidson Club bike patch shown here exemplifies the complicated type of design work we do well here. Our custom designers love challenges and meet them head on; our customers often comment that the quality of our patches is beyond their expectations. Note the detail on the Maltese Islands patch, as well as the range of bold colors used. We will do custom embroidered motorcycle patch for you too! Just provide us with a drawing of the patch design and provide us with any extra directions you deem appropriate. Our goal is put your ideas into a top-quality patch that you wear with pride on your jacket or vest. Whether it is a club patch to denote membership or another design you choose, we are happy to provide amazing biker patches for you. Our rates are competitive, and our customer service is second to none.

In God We Trust

We craft impressive motorcycle patches such as this one for the Christian Biker Community. Notice how clear the design is, as well as the clean lines of the words that include In God We Trust. We understand your faith is important to you, and that is why our designers take immense care to create quality patches you can wear proudly on the front of your leather vest or the shoulders of your jacket. For your custom embroidered patch project, simply provide us with a drawing of the design you want on the patches and any special instructions. We use the best quality thread available to make strong, durable patches that stand up to any motorcycle ride. Get multicolored badges, available in a range of sizes and shapes, delivered to you in the same impeccable quality you see in the Christian Biker Community patch shown here.