7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment – Military Patch

The military patch designed for the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, is a vibrant tribute to valor and pride. Central to the patch are a regal kangaroo and crossed swords, symbolizing readiness and strength. A boomerang adds a distinct Australian character, all set against a pristine white background.

The patch boasts impeccable embroidery, with a full merrow border that ensures durability and a professional finish. Its wide format and minimum width of 1200 pixels guarantee visibility and impact. Key features include:

  • Full-color, detailed embroidery
  • Sturdy merrow border for longevity
  • Iconic Australian symbols for national pride

Introduction to the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

The 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7 RAR) is a distinguished infantry battalion within the Australian Army. Formed in 1965, it rapidly became a critical component of Australia’s military operations. Initially established for service during the Vietnam War, the battalion has since been involved in various peacekeeping and security operations globally.

Operational History and Engagements

During the Vietnam War, 7 RAR participated in two major tours, in 1967-1968 and 1970-1971. These tours were marked by intense combat operations, such as the Battle of Suoi Chau Pha. Post-Vietnam, the battalion has served in East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq, adapting to modern warfare challenges.

Key Achievements and Contributions:

  • Formation: Established on 1 September 1965
  • Vietnam War: Two operational tours, earning battle honours
  • Peacekeeping: Significant role in the INTERFET peacekeeping taskforce in East Timor
  • Modern Operations: Deployments to Afghanistan (Operation Slipper) and Iraq

In its over five decades of service, the valor and professionalism of 7 RAR have been consistently recognized. The battalion’s motto, “Duty First,” encapsulates its unwavering commitment to the nation and its allies. The unit’s esprit de corps and operational success have solidified its place in Australian military history.

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