How to remove patches from jacket?

One of the most popular sewing question is how to remove patches from jacket. W see this on many many internet forums. People generally have a problem with that, so we will show You in simple steps how to do it. This problem is most likely not apply to those persons who have a memorial patches on their jackets – which results from the nature of such badges. Who would have ever wanted to remove it? They remind us of something / someone important! Things are different for other types of patches, which once simply we would like to get rid of.

Remember – Removal process is complicated – You must have some level of expertise!

For example someone have old police patch on their jackest and he wants to remove it. Most people have these patches attached to their leather jackets. If you are looking forward to add new police patches to your jacket then it is certain that you need to remove a few older ones to create space. The process of removal of these patches from your jackets is complicated and requires some level of expertise. It is important that you need to try and remove them without damaging your jacket. As you are new to this field so it is certain that this article might be helpful for you. It is possible to get rid of older police patches from your jacket within ten minutes. You just need to follow some simple instructions given in this article before getting started.

It is important that the seam of the patches should be properly exposed so you should try and fold the jacket in the right position. Look around for the edge where the patch is attached to vest or leather jacket. You should try and slip the edge a little bit so you can easily cut off the ripper that lies in between the jacket and the patch. This task might require right level of patience and so you don’t have to hurry when performing it. The threads should be cut off with caution so you just don’t damage the edges of the jacket that are connected to the police patches. As you might have attached the patch using strong adhesive so it is important to take all possible precautions when removing it.

Rubber Gloves are important in whole patches removal process

Ensure that you have worn proper rubber gloves before you get started with the process of ripping the patches. This is important for you to protect your hands from being burnt when applying adhesive remover. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that you apply the adhesive remover to the patch via soft cotton swab or cloth. The adhesive remover should be rubbed gently to the leather jacket and the patch at the edges. This will loosen the grip of patch from your jacket or vest so you can remove it easily without damaging the surface of the jacket. When applying adhesive remover always ensure that you work it in the inward direction. This should be repeated till the entire patch has come off from the jacket. If you have made use of a very strong adhesive then it is certain that you might have to allow it to dry from the surface for some time before removing the embroidered patch.

Hot to use metal lubricant when removing a patch?

You can also make use of a metal lubricant on the surfaced of the jacket to get rid of additional amount of glue. If this is done then you need to ensure that the lubricant is allowed to settle for some seconds on the surface of the jacket. This will help you to get rid of excess glue from the surface leaving it free from patch marks. You should only make use of soft cotton to clean the surface of the leather jacket. You can also try and make use of leather cleaner to bring back the natural shine to the jacket after the patches have been removed.