We made Lil’wat First Nation embroidered patch

Every tribe member knows the Lil’wat first nation history but a very few of them know that during the era of 1700-1800 the ancestors of this tribe used to live at Pemberton Meadows that is some 20 miles away from Lillooet River (British Columbia – province of Canada). It was the same time when the Oblate Fathers convinced the tribe’s ancestors to move to a mission at Owl Creek and this location is a few miles distant from the current location of Mount Currie where the tribe is currently located.

History of Lil’wat name

During the Gold digging era of 1858 huge masses of miners came to the Lillooet River from Harrison Lake for an easy access to the Fraser Canyon what we call as Lillooet today. This was the time when this chronic tribe of Lil’wat worked as porters at the Douglas Road and got located in the Valley as residents with their family and tribe men. After the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush all the non-natives evacuated the region leaving behind John Currie, a prominent Tribe’s man who built up farmhouses and outbuildings in the region adjacent to Mount Currie.

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This is how the land was named after him and everything that grew and came into being around it was named after the mountain. John Married the Tribe chief’s daughter and later constructed the Lillooet Cattle Trail and engaged Lil’wat Tribe’s men to work in his ranch and cattle farms.

Lil’Wat nation logo

The tribe of Lil’wat nation enjoys a rich heritage of culture, values and metaphysical philosophy. The prestigious logo for Lil’Wat nation was designed by Johnnie Abraham back in 1981 as he participated in a logo contest that announced a winning prize of $100 for the best logo.

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Johnnie was the member of Lil’wat nation and thus he knew what exactly this logo should incorporate. He knew how to interpret his culture in a logo and thus he used Cedar trees that represent their geographical importance. While the Lil’wat people and their home is represented by the 7nistken while the display of drying rack depicts their food culture of storing salmon fish. The mount currie in the background displays the geographical importance of the region with smoke in the design as if hands are making circle. This represents that even today the tribe’s men enjoin a strong bond of cultural heritage.

Lil’wat Nation is known to be the First Nation band government which is situated in the southern Coast Mountainous region of British Columbia, a province of Canada. Taya chief Leonard Andrew who happens to take care of the cultural matters while the political chief Dean Nelson both work as per the advice of their council members as they have a bi-weekly meeting to discuss the matters at a specific venue.

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National chief of Lil’wat nation wears embroidered logo

Today Lil’wat nation chief wears the logo embroidered on his jacket or T-shirt as a symbol of owning the tribe. His tribe’s men also take pride in wearing jackets and shirts where the Lil’wat Logo is punched. This comes in 2 colors that is red and white while you can order any of those as per your choice. People other than the natives of this tribe, wear the caps and jackets with Lil’wat nation logo embroidered.