The Story of the Biker’s Patches

Some bikers wear their different jackets with different colors and designs of patches. Some people may think that these patches in their jackets are just decorations, but it is more than just that, the patches on the biker’s jacket may also serve as their identity and also it can convey different information about the biker.

The patches on their jackets may tell you what organizations does the biker belong and the activities he participated once. You may think that those patches on the jackets wore by bikers are just their style to be cool on the eyes of other people, but it serves as their own identity to be recognized by other bikers.

What was the history of biker’s patches and how these patches help them to be recognized by other bikers?

History started on 1920

When the American Motorcyclist Association was founded on the year 1920’s, the history of motorcycle patches started. Biker members who always participate in every AMA events always wore their jackets with the embroidered name of their group. In the year 1947 in Hollister, California has a disturbance that some of the riders get themselves out of control that caused noisiness. 99 percent of the members of the group AMA was reported that they obey the law and the 1 percent residue disobeyed the law.

For the 1 percent residue of the AMA members to be recognized by others that there are the outlaw citizens, they separate their organization’s patches into 3 parts. The first part of the patches will be the identification of their club’s name, the middle part will be the identification of their club’s symbol, and the last part will be the identification where their club was located. To be recognized the motorcycle’s club setup, they use the term “color.” The term “three-piece-patch” was used because of the patches separated into 3 pieces.

Embroidered “MC” letters on jackets

The club of motorcycles was different to the organizations of a motorcycle in the way of they will have to conduct a probationary to an individual before the members of the club decide whether the person will be recognized as the member of the group and can wear a jacket that has its own patches. The letters “MC” was embroidered to the jackets of the members to clarify that they are not organizations but a club.

Always remember that a biker who has their own colors don’t want anybody to touch their patches for they consider it as their victory for they have their long times on earning their colors. They will defend it in any people anytime and at any cost just to protect their respected color. Do not wear or borrow the jacket which has the club’s color if you don’t want to be punched on your stomach.

The time when a FEMALE get a ride with a club member is the one and only time when a non-member of a club can wear their jackets with their club’s color. Some bikers of a certain club will give you permission to take a photo with their motors in a condition that you will not add their motor’s plate number on your photo.