How we made embroidered patch for Canadian Roller Derby Team

Roller derby is a full-contact sport which is played by more than 1200 leagues worldwide. It usually is played by 2-5 teams who are rotating counterclockwise around the track. The league is growing very fast, and soon Canadian roller derby leagues will be joining Canadian women’s flat track roller derby association which renamed itself to derby association of Canada. Therefore, Canada derby association is a non-profit organization which its mission is to provide support and motivation to the roller derby team across Canada.

How are embroidered patches for roller derby made?

Well, you might be asking yourself how embroidered patches are made? We have expertise in making patches for roller derby teams for quite some time. We are one of the finest in designing these embroidered patches because we make them as per the highest standards which enables us to satisfy our clients .Through our competence, we have earned reputation in this particular field . Let us precisely look at how these embroidered patches are made.

Patch design and art

We offer a free patch design and art to our customers anytime they need it. This essential in preparing us for the process. In most cases, we have received some of the arts that might require modification to look good, and since we value our clients, we modify them to suit our quality and standards.


Digitizing software in most cases determines the quality and look of the embroidery. Therefore, our skilled artisans are well equipped with the format and the knowledge to use these machines to deliver quality and fine arts.


Before we produce the final product we usually scan and send the sample to our customers for approval. If in any case they require further modification, we will attend to it promptly and send it back to them until they’re satisfied with the product that they’re expecting as their final sample. By doing this, we will have accommodated our customer’s point of view to enable us to produce quality and satisfactory products.


Embroidery is the artistic decoration of materials and fabric which we usually do it for up to 20 modern heads machines of twill material on the sheets.


After we are done with embroidery, we usually feed the uncut material to the machine that uses pressure and heat to bind PVC backing to the material. However, a back from PVC is typically common but there are other backings such as sticky backs, hook side backing, and heat seal.

Quality checking

This is one of the essential processes that we use to ascertain that we have delivered the quality product. Therefore, after backing, we inspect embroidered material, and by doing this, we will be able to identify and trim off any loose threads. Additionally, we will attend to any possible defects to ensure that the product is of high quality.

After that, any rough patches will be cut from the material using a laser cutting machine, or we can do it manually using the hands. We can further apply merrowed borders to the patch using a particular merrowing machine or satin stitch borders by using the laser cutting machine.