How to sew flag patches on backpack

People love travelling ever since the begining of their adult life. Many of them started with the weekend trips with their parents. Generally they used to just drive outside the city into the countryside with food and drinks packed in a backpack kept in the boot of the car. It is said that every journey … Read more

Short History of the canadian flag

The Canadian flag has a long and fascinating history. Before its adoption as the National Flag of Canada in 1965, the flag went through a number of changes that were largely influenced by European nations. The first flag The first flag that was hoisted in the present-day Canada was the St George’s Cross, which was … Read more

We made Lil’wat First Nation embroidered patch

Every tribe member knows the Lil’wat first nation history but a very few of them know that during the era of 1700-1800 the ancestors of this tribe used to live at Pemberton Meadows that is some 20 miles away from Lillooet River (British Columbia – province of Canada). It was the same time when the Oblate … Read more