Memorial Patches

Custom Embroidered Memorial patches are one of the best ways to convey your messages and feelings about any event or day or your loved ones.

For a number of years, civilizations have been making use of embroidered patches for different occasions. Even if many people like wearing such patches on their jackets and vests but not many people are actually aware of the real meaning of wearing one. People who are aware of this fact wear distinct and unique in memory patches for different occasions. When searching the online sites you can find different types of such patches that can be worn for different events and occasions. It is also possible to look around for patches that can be glued to your jackets and vests as and when desired.

Sample memorial patch

This is an example of beautiful memorial patch we embroider for our customers. It is a product in memory of Bill Strickland (5 MAR 47 – 12 MAR 09). The main element of this patch is the American eagle. The American flag is fitted in one wing, and the official POW/MIA flag in the other. Embroidery is the best technique for memorial patches. It is elegant and resistant, it will not fade for years. Our embroidered patches are produced with quality materials to assure maximum durability. Our team is capable of producing all patches of your design and deliver it in up to 15 days. With no setup charge or minimum order.

How to create your own memorial patch?

It is as easy as pie – you have to follow few steps.

First – you have to draw your own project – for example if you want to have a keepsake from holiday you can draw a beach, a palm tree, a see, some ships and of course the sun. You can either put the date on it and the name of the place.

Second – afterwards you have to send your project to our company

Third – few days later (it can take up to two weeks) we will send you your memorial patches to your home address.

The duration of waiting for the products depends on:

  1. Your project – it is important to put all your details to the product, the more is there the more it take to complete it.
  2. Its place of destination – if you live near our company you will get the patch sooner than someone who lives thousands of kilometers.
  3. Numbers of patches – the more you purchases the long will you have to wait for your order.

There are many important events in every human life which are worth to remember. Everyone is special and wants to remember something different. However, there are also many ideas how to save your wonderful moments. Some people choose photos and have numerous photo albums or photo books. Other people write diary with detailed description of their worth remembering events. However, there is also one fantastic idea how to remain you about wonderful days and do not store plenty of photos and other documents. The given idea is simple and useful – they are called memorial patches and can be created according to your needs and specifications.

What do people usually want to remember about?

Those kinds of patches are not usually created to remain people about best holidays ever or other worth remembering events. People usually do not care and want to memorize some situations, days in their life which are positives and good because they underestimate it. They esteem something (for example: people, fine goods and other valuable things) when they lose it. Then they think deeply about it and want the person or thing back. However, sometimes it is just too late to turn time back. There is no a small wonder that they create different patches to not forget about someone important in their lives.

One of the excellent examples is a round patch with black inscription on a white background which says: ‘In memory of …’ (there is written the name of the person). In the middle there are written two dates – first is the day of born and the second is the day of death. Some patches symbolize some events dedicated to the died person, for example on one of the patches is written 6th Annual Memorial Run with written date of the event and the name of the person to whose it was dedicated to.

Memorial Patch express feelings and longings

Embroidered patches are unusual way of expressing somebody’s feelings and longings. Sample of how the memorial patch could be use, You can see here:

However, would it be easy to enjoy ourselves companies during the lifetime instead of purchasing patches with name and time of death of person you care of? Think about now and do not wait until it will be too late….

One of the easiest ways to wear custom memorial patches it to make use of hot iron to stick it on the jacket or vests or even on your t-shirt. Such types of patches are available in different materials and designs. One benefit of using these patches is that they can easily be removed when not required. So it is certain that if you are using hot iron patches then you can use different patches for different occasions on the same jackets or vests.

Today with the availability of quality embroidered materials it is possible to purchase patches that can easily be transferred on your leather jackets. As you might not have to over heat the iron to transfer the patch on the leather jacket so you can ensure that your jacket might not get damaged. The fabric of the patch is also very much durable and if you are using quality material then it is certain that you can use the patch for many years on your jackets or vests.

Stuck memorial patch on the vest or leather jackets

As the glue used by manufacturers is of quality standards so even if memorial patches fall off they might not leave behind ugly looking marks. Before using these types of patches it is important that you know the right way to make use of them on your leather jackets. Present time these kind of patch is very much distinct as compared to traditional ones as they are provided with quality glue. One main benefit of using such types of patches is that they can also be stuck on the vest or leather jackets using cold iron. When using such patches you also need to ensure that the process of gluing is carried out only under supervision of experts or elders. You always need to ensure that you have not spoiled the looks of your vest and jacket. You also need to follow strict instructions provided by the manufacturers along with these patch.

 It can be worn by anyone who wants to convey special feelings and messages to others. These are best apparels that can be added to your leather jackets to make it more appealing. Apart from this, the memorial patches also add extra style to your personality. It is important that you should select the right memorial patch for any event or occasion before wearing it on your vest.