Our embroidered Saskatchewan Coat of Arms represents the Canadian province of Yukon, the smallest of Canada’s three territories. The name Yukon comes from the aboriginal Gwich’in word for “great river”, referring to the Yukon River.


Size – approximately 2.6″/6.7cm x 3.1″/7.8cm (width x height)

Available as sew on, iron on, adhesive, or velcro

Precise computer-generated embroidery

Attach to clothes, bags, hats, etc.

The Yukon has a population of approximately 37,000 people, most of which live in the capital city of Whitehorse. It is home to fourteen of Canada’s First Nations who speak eight different languages, and one-quarter of the Yukon residents are of Aboriginal descent. It is located above the Arctic Circle, bordering the United States state of Alaska.

The primary economy of the Yukon is based on its rich natural resources, with mining as its largest industry. The importance of mining within this province dates back to the end of the 19th century when a large gold discovery led to the Klondike Gold Rush.

The Coat of Arms of the Yukon portrays various elements to symbolize the province’s culture and history. The top portion of the shield is a red cross of St. George to represent the early English explorers of the Yukon land, and in the center of the cross is a “roundel in vair” to illustrate the importance of the fur trade in the Yukon’s early history. The lower portion of the shield displays red “spires” to represent the Rocky Mountains, with gold circles representing the mineral wealth of the territory. The intricate wavy blue and white lines between the spires depict the Yukon River and the abundant creeks and streams of the Klondike where gold can be discovered.

Embrace your Yukon heritage and wear the Yukon Coat of Arms proudly through our versatile backing options of sew on, iron on, adhesive, or velcro.