Our Embroidered Quebec Coat of Arms represents the Canadian province of Quebec. This province is known to its locals as the “la belle province”, which translates to the beautiful province, and it’s no wonder why. With its vast forests and rolling hills, Quebec is simply gorgeous.

Size – approximately 2.6″/6.7cm x 3.1″/7.8cm (width x height)

Available as sew on, iron on, adhesive, or velcro

Precise computer-generated embroidery

Attach to clothes, bags, hats, etc.

Home to over 8.2 million people, Quebec is a charming province full of vibrancy and multiculturalism; It often earns the title of “Europe of North America”. With approximately 1 million lakes and waterways, Quebec has more fresh water than any other province! It is also the only province that has French as their official language and is the second largest French-speaking city in the world.

This embroidered patch exudes vibrancy and color, with deep reds and yellows. Encased within a red overlocking merrow frame are three distinctive areas. The top of the shield depicts three gold fleurs-de-lis on a blue background, representing royal France.

The center of the shield displays a gold lion passant guardant against a red background to symbolize the Kingdom of England. The lower portion of the shield contains three green maple leaves embroidered on a gold background to represent Canada.

Our versatile design options allow you to sew on, iron on, glue, or velcro these Embroidered Coat of Arms to anything you’d like. Show your honored heritage of Quebec and wear the Quebec Coat of Arms proudly!