Nova Scotia

Our Embroidered Nova Scotia Coat of Arms represents the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada. Nova Scotia’s capital city is Halifax, housing over 400,000 people, and is one of Canada’s major seaports and primary gateway to the Atlantic Ocean.

Size – approximately 2.6″/6.7cm x 3.1″/7.8cm (width x height)

Available as sew on, iron on, adhesive, or velcro

Precise computer-generated embroidery

Attach to clothes, bags, hats, etc.

Nova Scotia is home to Canada’s oldest African-American community, and has an extremely diverse economy, including key industries such as the mining, manufacturing, and service sectors. The history of Nova Scotia extends back an astonishing 11,000 years to the arrival of the original indigenous residents of the region. The vikings were the first Europeans to arrive in Nova Scotia and are suggested to have visited around the year 990.

Depicted on this captivating coat of arms is a center shield against blue stripes and a white background. The blue stripes represent the blue cross of Saint Andrew, which symbolizes the Scottish ties with the Nova Scotia region.

Traditionally white stripes on top of a blue background, it has been reversed on this embroidered patch to give a better contrast to the coat of arms and improved visibility. The center shield displays a red rampant lion on a golden background within a double red border; symbolizing the Kingdom of Scotland.

 Sew, iron, glue, or velcro on this charming Coat of Arms of Nova Scotia to show your proud heritage of Nova Scotia!