Newfoundland & Labrador

Our embroidered Newfoundland & Labrador Coat of Arms represents the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Newfoundland is one of the four Atlantic provinces and is comprised of the island of Newfoundland and Labrador, a large mainland area of Canada.

Size – approximately 2.6″/6.7cm x 3.1″/7.8cm (width x height)

Available as sew on, iron on, adhesive, or velcro

Precise computer-generated embroidery

Attach to clothes, bags, hats, etc.

Newfoundland and Labrador are home to a population of over 525,000 people, most of which live in coastal fishing villages. Newfoundlanders have a strong sense of provincial identity, strong communities, and speak distinctive dialects in both English and French. The capital city is St. John’s, and is also the historic commercial centre of Newfoundland.

Fishing is their largest industry, and because of fish depletion, they face many challenges. Since 1989, they have had to adjust to this change through developing new strategies. Whilst they continue to struggle with fish stock depletion, the influence of this traditional culture remains.

The Newfoundland & Labrador Coat of Arms is reflective of Scotland and England. Situated in opposite sides of the shield are two silver unicorns adorning a chain that represents Scotland and two crowned golden lions who represent England. Dividing the quadrants is a white cross against a red background, a reversed cross of St. George.

Are you a proud citizen of Newfoundland and Labrador? Sew, glue, iron, or velcro on the Newfoundland & Labrador Coat of Arms to show your proud heritage.