New Brunswick

Our Embroidered New Brunswick Coat of Arms represents the Canadian province of New Brunswick; one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada, and home to approximately 760,000 people.

Size – approximately 2.6″/6.7cm x 3.1″/7.8cm (width x height)

Available as sew on, iron on, adhesive, or velcro

Precise computer-generated embroidery

Attach to clothes, bags, hats, etc.

New Brunswick was one of the first areas of Canada to be explored and settled by the Europeans. It has forests that occupy the great majority of the province’s land mass, several coastal islands, and has wide ranges of unspoiled nature for people to visit.

This province is officially bilingual, with over 30% of the population speaking French as their first language. Although Canada is bilingual as a whole, New Brunswick is the only Canadian province that is constitutionally bilingual.

The intriguing layout of New Brunswick’s Coat of Arms consists of an amazing artistic portrayal of New Brunswick and its heraldry. The top of the shield is a lion passant in chief against a red background to commemorate both England and Brunswick.

The most striking element of the coat of arms is that of the heraldic Ship built in the 18th/19th century by native craftsmen, which symbolizes the province’s links to the sea. Beneath the ship is a rough sea characterized by blue water and white waves.

Wear the Embroidered New Brunswick Coat of Arms proudly with the versatility to choose a backing option of your preference; velcro, sew, iron, or glue this patch onto a range of different garments and accessories to flaunt its fascinating heritage.