Hockey Patches for Your Local Sports Team

Hockey (especially in Canada) is one of the most electrifying sports known to humankind, that seems to have an untapped transformative power to unite different types of people. Hockey has actually transformed our current modern culture over the years into a more passionate and exciting sports-centered culture. Hockey, as a competitive sport, demands the highest … Read more

How to Apply Embroidered Patches to Hats?

Hundreds of years ago, when clothing was made from different kinds of fabric, the embroidery was not so prevalent and was often used to make a more detailed and elaborate design for royal garbs. If the cloth wasn’t cut or drawn, embroidery added a hand-drawn design, a pattern that was detailed down to the stitching. … Read more

How to sew flag patches on backpack

People love travelling ever since the begining of their adult life. Many of them started with the weekend trips with their parents. Generally they used to just drive outside the city into the countryside with food and drinks packed in a backpack kept in the boot of the car. It is said that every journey … Read more

What To Wear For Paintball?

Paintball is one of the most exciting and amazing competitive shooting game between two teams. Here, the players hit each other and eliminate them with the spherical gelatin capsules filled with colors or dyes. This game is quite a fun but you need to know what to wear for paintball game. This is one of … Read more

Short History of the canadian flag

The Canadian flag has a long and fascinating history. Before its adoption as the National Flag of Canada in 1965, the flag went through a number of changes that were largely influenced by European nations. The first flag The first flag that was hoisted in the present-day Canada was the St George’s Cross, which was … Read more

We made Cthulhu embroidered patch

Cthulhu embroidered patches popularly known as the legion of love craft embroidered patches usually feature three military inspired patches each featuring the monster of Cthulhu myth which includes: Elder thing, fish good Dragon and Cthulhu. These patches were designed to reflect a mysterious society of the great elder gods and to evoke and mystical occult feel. The … Read more

How we made embroidered patch for Canadian Roller Derby Team

Roller derby is a full-contact sport which is played by more than 1200 leagues worldwide. It usually is played by 2-5 teams who are rotating counterclockwise around the track. The league is growing very fast, and soon Canadian roller derby leagues will be joining Canadian women’s flat track roller derby association which renamed itself to … Read more

The Story of the Biker’s Patches

Some bikers wear their different jackets with different colors and designs of patches. Some people may think that these patches in their jackets are just decorations, but it is more than just that, the patches on the biker’s jacket may also serve as their identity and also it can convey different information about the biker. … Read more

Order Your Patch and get 3 most popular Christmas Embroidered Patches for Free!

The Christmas holidays are here again!!! That “most wonderful time of the year” when we are busy thinking about that special gift for that cherished family member, friend or loved one. Well, here is something you cannot afford to miss. There is nothing that best expresses your feelings for a person more than adding your … Read more

We made Lil’wat First Nation embroidered patch

Every tribe member knows the Lil’wat first nation history but a very few of them know that during the era of 1700-1800 the ancestors of this tribe used to live at Pemberton Meadows that is some 20 miles away from Lillooet River (British Columbia – province of Canada). It was the same time when the Oblate … Read more