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Are you in the hunt for vibrant, durable, and professional custom patches? Look no further! At Patchoz.com, we don’t just make patches, we create unique embroidered masterpieces custom-tailored just for you.

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  • 🍁 Proudly Canadian and serving our local communities
  • 🏆 Years of delivering unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction
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Ready to bring your custom patch vision to life with an embroidered patch that captures the essence of your idea?

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Unlock Your Creativity with Patchoz.com’s Custom Embroidery Services!

Not only can we craft incredible custom patches, but we can also bring any design to life on a material of your choice, be it leather, jeans, or even more unique textiles. Want to jazz up your old trousers or add a special touch to your bedspread? No worries! You can provide your own materials, and we’ll turn them into an embroidered masterpiece.

Let’s Make Your Ideas Unforgettable!

Imagine your club’s logo emblazoned on leather jackets, or an embroidered patch that captures the essence of your nonprofit organization. How about personalized patches for a special event or as a unique gift? The possibilities are endless. We don’t just meet expectations; we aim to exceed them. The sky’s the limit when you choose Patchoz.com for your custom embroidery needs!

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Versatility Meets Excellence at Patchoz.com!

Our embroidered patches are not just patches—they’re badges of quality and versatility. Ideal for any purpose and for everyone, these high-quality patches are the perfect addition to uniforms for government agencies, police, firefighters, and the military. If you’re in business, consider ordering custom patches to amplify your brand.

The Patchoz Difference—A World of Choices!

Why settle for the ordinary when you can get custom embroidered patches with intricate details? Choose from woven patches for lighter thread count and intricate designs, or go for printed patches and velcro patches with velcro backing for easy application. Military patches, morale patches, or rectangle patches—we’ve got them all. Need leather patches or iron on patches with adhesive backing?

We’ve got you covered. Our customer support team is always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect material, thread count, and backing—be it velcro, adhesive, or permanent embroidery.

What’s more, our custom iron-on patches offer the convenience of heat press application, while maintaining the option for more traditional sew-on methods. We even offer multiple colors to match your aesthetic and minimum order quantity options to suit your needs.

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Your One-Stop Source for Custom Patches for Every Occasion!

Over the years, we’ve proudly provided high-quality patches for a diverse clientele, from retail customers and scout groups to associations and schools. We’re the go-to choice for embroidered flags and logos for martial arts clubs, motorcycle teams, bike squads, and paintball enthusiasts. When it comes to embroidery, our traditional technique guarantees a result far more professional than any plastic badge or print screen could offer.

Why Patchoz.com is the Ultimate Choice for All Your Patch Needs

What sets us apart? It’s the breadth of our offerings and the quality of our work. Ordering embroidered patches with us opens a world of possibilities. Want embroidered patches with intricate details? We’ve got you covered. Need woven patches for a softer look or printed patches for vivid imagery? No problem.

From military patches and morale patches to name patches, we deliver excellence in every stitch. You can also opt for rectangle patches, leather patches, or velcro patches with velcro backing for added convenience. Prefer adhesive backing or custom iron-on patches?

Choose our heat press option for easy application. No matter the thread count, multiple colors, or intricate designs you desire, we make it happen—with no minimum order quantity to hold you back!

🔥 Special Features for Special Needs 🔥

Our customer support team is ready to assist you in customizing your patches to the finest details, from thread count to permanent embroidery options. With us, you’ll never have to compromise between durability and design. Your personalized patches will make a strong statement, whether you need them for uniforms, club memberships, or personal keepsakes.


  • Computer game – thousands people are computer games lovers. They spend hours playing their favourite games. Many games have long and wide history which can be comprised in one logo. That kind patch can be a great gift for person who loves playing computer games.
  • Flag patches – in times of sport competition patriotic feelings are stirred up among supporters. No a small wonder that people want to stress their nationality. A patch can be more long-lasting than a flag or a hat.
  • Martial arts patches – those embroidered patches will show the sport discipline in which you are involved in. It can be: karate, judo or jiu-jitsu. You can have the name of school, its logo and even your name sew on it.
  • School patches – school uniforms are widely disliked and do not popular. Their main disadvantageous are horrible colours, simple design and lack of being original. Now, the school patches can change it. They can still be representative in a positive way. What is more, the children will love it.
  • Sports Patches – are you a fan of sport discipline? Stress it and wear sport patches.
  • Other Patches:Insignia, Motorcycle, Logo, Cartoon, Military

🌟 Why Choose Patchoz.com for Your Embroidered Patches? 🌟

  • Unmatched Quality: Our embroidered patches are crafted to the highest quality standards, ensuring durability and vibrancy in every stitch.
  • Customization at Its Best: From design to delivery, we offer fully custom embroidered solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  • Swift Turnaround Time: In a rush? Our fast turnaround time ensures that your custom embroidered patch is in your hands when you need it.
  • Long-Lasting Impressions: The quality of an embroidered patch far surpasses other types of patches, making your logo or design stand out for years to come.
  • Multi-Purpose Magic: Whether it’s for a corporate event, a school, or your local sports team, our embroidered patches are versatile enough to make any garment special.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Each embroidered patch undergoes stringent quality checks, ensuring intricate details are captured perfectly.
  • No Compromises: You don’t have to choose between quick service and quality—with us, you get both.
  • Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: Our commitment to the highest quality and efficient turnaround time aims to exceed your expectations, every single time.

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