We made Cthulhu embroidered patch

Cthulhu embroidered patches popularly known as the legion of love craft embroidered patches usually feature three military inspired patches each featuring the monster of Cthulhu myth which includes: Elder thing, fish good Dragon and Cthulhu.

These patches were designed to reflect a mysterious society of the great elder gods and to evoke and mystical occult feel. The lettering was typically designed to summon astrological symbols and alchemical sigils.

Therefore, if you are looking to make your patch to be one of the best, we urge you to consider our metallic golden threads . They are very reflective and shiny which gives your patches a classy look . Normally, we store your design specification so that your patch can look the same every time you place an order.

Besides our team of experts are also graphic artists who work hand in hand with the designers to create a perfect design as per your specification. We can also help you to modify your design so that eventually you will get outstanding embroidered Cthulhu patch.

Metallic Embroidery threads

Metallic embroidery threads entail using metal thread that exists in golden, copper or silver state. We usually use golden threads by needling them on the surface of the fabric to create different textures. We use the following metallic threads to deliver a perfect finish.

Patches embroidered with gold metalizing thread

We usually use golden metalizing thread to attach a fabric by bricking to provide a patch with a classy look. The design depends on the specification given by our clients though we might as well make some modifications to come up with an elegant finish.

Patches embroidered with gold metalizing thread

Regular stranded metallic floss

On the first sight you might mistake it for regular cotton flosses. When using this type of floss, it is important to use short pieces of approximately 12 inches long. The needle should also be threaded properly to prevent fraying because it will not be passed through the fabric. Therefore, you can bring the two ends to make a folded loop or knot around the eye of the needle.

Woven metallic floss

This type of metallic floss comes in different sizes which allow you to stitch specific thickness that you desire. It is also important to know that it cannot be separated, unlike the stranded embroidered floss. It is easier to work with this type of floss, but you should keep in mind that don’t use the strand length that exceeds 18 inches. You should also pay close attention to the thread thickness and do not try the split the thread when using it.

Metallic blending filament

Metallic blending filament can be used on their own, or you can typically use it with other embroidery threads. This thread blends easily with other strands. You can also twist it by blending the strands or putting the pieces together. Besides, it is essential to pay close attention to the placement so that you can adjust it to lie on the floss and the fabric. We usually prefer talking the filaments close to the fabric instead of pulling the stitches away to allow them to be loose.