Royal Military College of Australia – Duntroon – Military Patch

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Overview of RMC Duntroon

The Royal Military College of Australia, commonly known as Duntroon, is a prestigious institution responsible for training officers of the Australian Army. Established in 1911, it is situated in Canberra, in the suburb of Duntroon. The college provides a rigorous training program, emphasizing leadership, academic excellence, and military skills.

Training at RMC Duntroon

Training at Duntroon is both physically and intellectually demanding. Cadets undergo an 18-month course, which includes:

  • Leadership and management training
  • Military education and tactical training
  • Physical conditioning
  • Academic studies in defense and strategic studies

Graduates of RMC Duntroon are commissioned into the Australian Army as lieutenants, ready to undertake various roles. The college instills the values of courage, integrity, and teamwork, ensuring that officers are prepared to lead in diverse and challenging environments.

Among the most important facts about RMC Duntroon are:

  • Established: 1911
  • Location: Canberra, Australia
  • Purpose: Training officers for the Australian Army
  • Duration of Training: 18 months
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