Learn how to create simple iron on patches

In the last article we have told You how to remove embroidered patches from jacket. This article will be another from series “How To”. We will learn You how to create simple iron on patches.

For most people, embroidered patches are much more than tools to cover holes. In present time, more number of people like to make use of patches for style factor. These elements can be used on your caps, pillows, bags, water bags and cloths. They offer with unique stylish factor for anyone. Looking around for custom made patch might not be an easy task but creating one for your personal use can be easy for anyone. Many online sites also provide you with ready made patches but designing your first embroider patches can be fun factor. You can add all your creation to your first home made patch. All accessories you need are easily available in any leading store near your home. You can stick or stitch them where ever needed.

How to get started with iron on patches?

To get started you need to make the selection of best embroidered design that you can get converted into a nice patch. It is possible for you to create embroidered design or even make use of hoop to create something that is more unique. When creating one always ensure that the patches are flat and does not have any wrinkles or folds around the edges. If you are looking forward to create your stitch type embroidered patches then you should try and make use of tear away binding at the back side of the patch. The sheet can easily be clamped along with the hoop and you have to try and pull it before sewing the patch to the cloth. When attaching you need to ensure that the blank patch is attached to the cloth making use of genuine quality adhesive.

Now you have to try and select the right type of needle to attach to the floss. It is also important for you to use only 2 feet of floss in order to avoid it from being tangled the moment you pull the cloth fabric. When stitching always ensure that you have left extra amount of floss that should be visible from the back side of the blank patch. Also remember that the process of leaving extra length of floss should be done only at the back side of the patch so it is not visible from the front side of the patch. This is to ensure that your embroidered patches are very much clear from the front side and have no extra amount of floss hanging to it. After the task has been competed you can now try and detach the backing from the embroidered patches and the hoop.

Remember to avoid embroidered patch damaged!

You also need to ensure that you have torn the backing attached very gently to avoid patch from being damaged. Apart from this you also need to cut the iron on type of adhesive of the right size and shape as the patch. The adhesive can easily be glued to the patch making use of slightly hot iron. You should try and iron the patch and the adhesive on the ironing board. You can also try and make use of soft cotton cloth to cover the surface of the patch so it does not get damaged.