Embroidered logos or Prints type – Which is a better option?

It is certain that you might find lots of differences between embroidered logos and screen printed types. People generally like to make the selection on their personal preferences and likes. So if you are not working in the fabric design industry then it is certain that you might not be aware of the real differences and pros and cons of each type. This certainly is the fact for a number of people who like to wear  logos but don’t understand the right type they need to select. So in this article it is certain that I shall try and provide you with basic differences between the two types.

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As you are already aware of the fact that screen printed types are created making use of different colored inks. So the moment you are wearing screen printed type of logo it is natural that you are also wearing something that is making use of different types of chemicals and inks substrates. Just like logos, screen printed types can also be displayed on your t-shirts, jeans and caps. One main benefit of using embroidered logo is that you just don’t have to depend on mesh and inks to get the printing job done. They can easily be created within the comfort zone of your home. Apart from this when creating such types of logos it is natural that you need not have technical knowledge of setting the mesh and selecting different types of inks.

Some of the individuals around the globe prefer using screen printed logos as compared to embroidered logos as they get a choice of creating designs that are high end. It is possible to create complex designs using screen printing technique but you need to keep in mind that the more complex the logo you select, the more money you might have to invest. Apart from this when creating them it is certain that you might have limitations with creating gradients and shades in different colors. This is what makes them more cost effective as compared to screen printed types. You also need to keep in mind that in present time it is possible fro you to try and create embroidered designs using modern machines and techniques.

So making use of some of the best techniques you can actually try ad recreate any design or logo possible. Apart from this, as embroidery does not mean big amount of money so it is certain that you can also try and select complex designed  logos for cost effective price. It is also possible to try and add lots of special effects making use of multiple color combinations. To make your embroidery more durable you can also try and make use of genuine quality threads. So the moment you want to get any art work on your expensive golf shirt it is natural that you would like to select embroidered logos. These types of logos certainly can be displayed on your t-shirt for many years. By selecting genuine sewing machine it is also possible for you to create multiple logos at a time. Recently we have done some embroidered patches for diffirent kind of military US Sections, for paintball teams or martial arts groups – all of theme contains embroidered logos.